The focus of SRA is to play out banners according to the current emotional situation or the current interest of the user, regardless of who this user is. Our Contextual Targeting 4.0 works completely without cookies, behavioral data and user profiles.

Smart Relevance Advertising is based on cognitive computing and natural language understanding. In contrast to previous providers of contextual targeting, segments, concepts, needs and moods are recognized instead of keywords.

The advantages of cognitive targeting

Real-time interest of the user

Understanding the content, meaning and mood of the text the user is currently consuming

Understanding the campaign

Understanding the meaning and the environment of the campaign

Perfect Matches

Accord of consumed content and the suitable campaign

Contextual Brand Safety & Brand Fitting

Avoidance of bad ads and simultaneously higher brand fit

Zero-User-Data Technology

No use of cookies and user data
100 % data protection compliant

Up to 20x click rates

Faster achievement of objectives with effective drawing of inventory


Benefits for marketers:

  • Guarantee of CONTEXTUAL Brand Safety WITHOUT exclusion of entire categories, i. e. with minimum possible inventory loss
  • Enforcement of price increases by delivering higher lead quality
    • Detection in A/B tests with outstanding values for CTR and completion rate, which even exceed user profiling-based tracking
  • Achieve the same target values (CPx) using less inventory
  • Complete transparency of the portfolio: Using our Inventory Evaluation Cockpit, you can tell your advertising customers in advance what attractive environments you can offer for specific campaigns

AdTech platforms

Benefits for AdTech platforms:

  • Targeting technology that is 100% DSGVO-compliant and still offers very good conversion
  • Predictive approach: Define the right environments in advance with the help of the Inventory Evaluation Cockpit and thus only play campaigns to relevant content and thus optimize the campaign in terms of price.
  • Unique selling points with dynamic advertising media

Media agencies

Benefits for media agencies:

  • Competitive advantage through innovation
  • Sales as an additional benefit to customers
  • Ensuring campaign related brand safety and brand fitting for customers
  • Playing customer campaigns in relevant environments and achieving better conversion rates
  • Development of intelligent advertising media


Benefits for advertisers:

  • Qualified leads through precise, interest-oriented banner routing with minimal wastage
  • Protection against misplacement of the brand in a problematic context (bad ads)
  • No storage of cookies and personal data necessary
  • Maximize reach for CPM campaigns while ensuring brand fit
  • Target achievement for CPO/CPC campaigns possible with a significantly reduced budget
  • Compliance with the EU Cookie Directive
  • Expanded understanding of user needs and trends

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